Frequently Asked questions

Vault365 integrates with all major cloud providers including Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.  Your data is also stored in a Private Cloud at our data centre in Ireland.

Yes! data is fully encrypted at every step. Backups are as safe and confidential as they would be in a dedicated off-site repository

Vault365 provides a backup method and storage locations that are highly resistant to ransomware attacks since they are offsite and immutable, meaning they cannot be modified in any way. In addition, through SureBackup,  your backups are assessed. Lastly, granular recovery capabilities and global index let you find and restore what you need as quickly as possible.

With Vault365, our specialised team manages your backups for you, assuring that they are backing up correctly, are error free, free of malware, and are restorable.  Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we’ve got you covered.

With Vault365, you only pay for what you use each month, so this value will go up or down, depending on whether your usage increases or decreases.

In a word, yes, you can easily switch from your current backup solution to Vault365.  With Vault365, our backup solution protects cloud, virtual and physical workloads. It’s fully software-defined and flexible for any hardware and storage.  

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