30 Second Data Protection Assessment

Welcome to your 30 Second Data Protection Assessment

Are your backups secured from Ransomware using Immutability (cant be deleted or overwritten)?

Have you implemented the 3 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 0 best practice strategy for your backup data?

3: Maintain at least three copies of your data and applications.
2: Store your backups on at least two different types of media.
1: Keep one of the backups in a different location.
1: Keep at least one of your copies offline.
0: Verify your recovery plan has zero errors.

Does your offsite backup solution have the option to deliver restored data to your site directly using physical media, to reduce your RTO (Recovery Time Objective)?

Are you provided with daily failure and success reporting on your backup solution?

Do you carry out continuous backup processes and procedures, to ensure that your critical data is always protected and not based on an ad hoc review?

Do you know whether your backups are free from Ransomware or any kind of Malware?

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